From Our pastor

Songs and Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Why do we sing together rather than listen to someone else sing?


Congregational singing goes back to the very beginning of the Church. Moses taught the congregation to sing the Song of Deliverence after God miraculously baptized them in the Red Sea.


Deborah sang praises to God for his deliverence from Sisera. And the first hymnbook is the Psalter, God’s inspired word, written for the congregation to sing together.


Congregational singing takes us out of ourselves. The tendency towards individualism is strong in our culture. But the Bible teaches us that we are created of one blood, connected by covenant to God and to one another under our head, Jesus Christ. There is one fold, and one shepherd, one body, one bride.


When one rejoices, we all rejoice together. When one laments, we all lament. When one cries out for justice, we all cry out together. When one cries out for vindication, we all cry out together.


This is the beauty of the communion of the saints, perfectly expressed in the singing together of the congregation.


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