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If Jesus’ remains are still in the tomb, we don’t have a message.


Abraham is still dead. God is a liar. Faith means nothing.


Peter and the rest died in vain. They should have fought while they had the chance and at least gone down in a blaze of glory.


If Jesus is still in the ground, then we’ll keep trying to build Babel. Will build another city on the hill and watch it also go down in flames as one leader after another is consumed by his own sins.


If Jesus is still in the ground, seriously, what is the point?


We can make money. And die. We can chase butterflies. And die. We can live 930 years. And die. We can live fast and die young. And die. We can build churches and die. We can sit on a pile of gold and die.


If Jesus is still in the ground - what is the point of talking about faith? Abraham didn’t inherit the world. Neither did Joseph or Jacob and Isaac. Joseph’s bones were carried all the way back to Canaan - for what? Was it better for them to turn into dust there than in Egypt?


But - Paul goes on in 1 Corinthians - now is Christ risen from the dead and has become the firstfruits of those who are asleep.

That changes everything.


For nearly 30 years, First Reformed Church has proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Yuba-Sutter region. We are a community of Christians seeking to live out our faith in church worship services and in our daily lives. Please join us for study and worship.  




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